In less than 24 hours, the Seahawks and Broncos take to MetLife Stadium to decide who takes home the Lombardi trophy as professional football’s champion.

If you get to watch the game at home, on whatever size TV you have, get to the store before the game and pick up some Leinenkugel’s.  It matters not which flavor you choose – my preference is for Leinie’s Original – what matters is you have the best beer to enjoy while watching the best football game of the year.

Join us!


Leinie’s & Pizza; Super

Leinie's & Pizza; Super

Tried a cold bottle of Leinenkugel’s new Canoe Paddler recently with a few slices of Papa Murphy’s Cowboy pizza. Scrumptious!

Found Canoe Paddler to start with a strong, tart taste but, holy cow, did it finish smooth! Maybe that’s why they call it Canoe Paddler. When you start out in a canoe, it takes a few minutes to get the swing of paddling and keeping the boat from rocking. As you get the hang of it, you get much smoother at navigating the waters.

Hopefully you have a Papa Murphy’s take-‘n-bake pizza outlet near you. It’s sweet because you can order the pizza, pre-heat your oven while you go to get the pie, pop it in the oven when you get home and eat in 12 to 18 minutes.

That’s enough time to crack a Leinie’s, but you want to make sure you’ve got one or two extras to go with the pizza.

Especially here in Wisconsin, pizza and Leinie’s go together like bacon and eggs.

Leinie's recipes     Thought I’d share a favorite recipe for tailgating or simply watching a Green Bay Packers’ football game at home.  The basic principle goes back to college days when my fraternity used a brat fry to raise money.  I’ve since adapted the concept of being able to cook the brats whenever is most convenient and then eating them at game time, tailgating, or whenever.

Rather simple process.  Cut up about 1/2 and onion.  I like to dice mine, but they can be bigger slices.  Saute the onions in butter or margarine; how much you use is up to you.  I’ve tried olive oil, and you can use it, but I prefer the dairy product.  Add some minced or powdered garlic as you saute the onions.  When this is caramelized, usually on medium heat, add a can or bottle of your favorite Leinenkugel’s and bring it to the point of boiling.

Grill your brats – we like Johnsonville or Roundy’s but any good quality bratwurst is acceptable – to a light golden brown (or darker if anyone freaks out about making sure they’re cooked).  When they’re done, add them to the beer & onions sauce pan, turn the heat down a bit and the brine will keep the brats warm and infuse the brats with the extra flavor.  When it’s time to eat, turn the mixture up a few degrees to get them at the temperature you want and you’re good to go.

In the last batch I fixed for the Packers’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Wild Card weekend, I used the new Snowdrift Vanilla Porter Leinie’s has released.  The extra flavor of this dark beer in the brine was exceptional!  Feel free to experiment with your recipe and appreciate the feedback from the fans.


Winter Sampler

Been gone a while, so glad to be back in the land of Leinie’s, especially with the new winter sampler 12 available.  Fireside Nut Brown is a wonderful taste for the Christmas holidays.  Hope you’ve been able to enjoy it with your family and friends gathered around the tree or the fireplace.  Even though we haven’t had much snow yet in Wisconsin, winter is the time to cuddle and stay warm with a fabulous Leinenkugel’s.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, and even if you haven’t, we were one of those families impacted by the housing credit crunch, so we had to downsize.  We’ve stabilized now and although we’re not happy about living conditions, we’re thankful we aren’t living out of our van or under an overpass somewhere.  We’re survivors.  Hope you are, too!

A Lodge Weekend

There’s a reason we live where we do.  In Wisconsin, we enjoy our time in the woods, especially in the north country with its lakes, streams, and rivers.  This past weekend was a Leinie’s Lodge weekend for me.

We left the metropolis late Friday and arrived in Wausau around 6.  We picked up a sister-in-law and headed to the Legacy Bar & Grill for a fish fry … which was phenomenal with a couple of Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss craft beers.  Honey Weiss is probably the most popular Leinie’s product in the market today, and it’s okay for those who have yet to realize the true brewing perfection of Original or Original Light.  And, if you’ve seen the Leinenkugel’s commercials, when they talk about the honey that comes from the next county over, that is my home county.  The tab for the three of us, with beverages, was around $40.  Hard to beat in the big cities.

On Saturday, I got together for coffee with a college roommate and fraternity brother I hadn’t seen for more than 38 years.  It was great to relax and catch up with Stroker after all these years.

We then journeyed north to the Leinie’s Lodge (our private little cottage) on a lake west of Rhinelander off Highway 8.  Driving alone (the sisters rode together) I stopped to take some pictures along the way, so thought I would post one for your enjoyment … in case you have a hard time getting away to enjoy what we have to offer here.  Once there, we raked and got the place ready for the season, and through the course of the day I managed to enjoy 8 bottles of Leinenkugel’s Classic Amber, another of their great craft beers.

Northwoods stream

We had burgers on the grill … with a Leinie’s.  We later went to the Circle K Bar & Grill for fabulous broasted chicken … with a couple of Leinie’s.

There were at least four deer grazing in the field on the way back to the lodge, and we were able to pass them by without disturbing them.  All in all, a most relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Here’s a toast to old friends, like Stroker!  Raise a Leinie’s.

When You’re 9 or 10

Just so you know, this blog is about drinking beer.  Bottles #9 and #10 out of a case of 24 Leinenkugel’s.  If you’re looking for a blog about turning either 9 or 10 years of age, please try again.

These two delicious Leinie’s Originals (again, I prefer to call them Reglars in our north woods slang) encountered their demise on a Friday evening.  Work was done for the week.  I was tired and ready to relax.  We opted for dinner of eggs and toast.  The agenda for the evening was to enjoy the Leinenkugel’s and watch the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Washington Nationals in our nation’s capitol.

If you’re in to marketing lingo, I guess the evening for bottles #9 and #10 were all about baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet (a government motors’ vehicle).  Sorry, Chevy lovers.  It was really about baseball and beer, which is a good combination in my book.

As for the baseball game, the Brewers (how appropriate for a Leinie’s lover to have your favorite baseball team named after your favorite alcoholic beverage) were ahead, 3-1 late in the game.  The Nats came through with 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th and that was it.  Milwaukee lost, 3-5.

I have found that having a couple of beers, always drinking in moderation, is an alternative to having a heavy meal late in the day.  They fill you up and are certainly better than having 2 or 3 beers with a Friday night fish fry.  There are some great restaurants in the area that offer that fare, such as The Settlement on the way up to Door County, which I love … but I also need to watch my weight.

Here’s to Friday Night Fish Fries!

The 8th Wonder

Just like bottle #6 out of that case of 24 Leinenkugel’s Originals, the 8th wonder went down well with pizza on Thursday night.  Slight difference was that Thursday’s za came after a day doing business in Milwaukee instead of a training session in the Fox Valley.  The za was outstanding, and the 8th wonder equally so.

One major news item of interest to all Leinenkugel lovers occurred this past week here in wonderful Wisconsin.  I was reading in the newspaper (yep, some of us still read the news rags) that Dick Leinenkugel was stepping down as Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce Secretary “to pursue other interests.”  I figured he was going back to brewing the great Leinie’s beer but, no!  On the evening news that same night (yep, some of us watch the news on TV) was the big announcement that Dick was going to run against incumbent Senator Russ Feingold (D) for his U.S. Senate seat.

How sweet would that be?  A Leinenkugel on Capitol Hill.  Now that’s a toast to be made.  I’m sure Dick would appreciate financial contributions along with your votes in November.

So, back to our toast thing.  Next time you open the 1st Leinie’s of the day, offer a toast to Dick.  Or to Jake for his business-minded offspring.  It’s always wise to toast Jake!